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(731) 427 -6188

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Fried Rice

Lo Mein

Soft noodle.

Egg Foo Young

Served with rice.


Served with rice.


Served with rice.


Served with rice.


Served with rice.

Combination Platters

Served with chicken fries rice and eg roll.

C1. Chicken Broccoli Combination Platter


Poultry with broccoli.

C2. Chicken Mixed Vegetables Combination Platter


Poultry with mixed vegetables.

C3. Mushroom Chicken Combination Platter


Mushroom poultry.

C4. Sweet and Sour Chicken Combination Platter


Poultry and sweetened sauce with vinegar base.

C5. Bourbon Chicken Combination Platter


Chicken that has been marinated in a bourbon sauce.

C6. Pork Lo Mein Combination Platter


Egg noodle dish with mild sweet meat.

C7. Chicken Lo Mein Combination Platter


Egg noodle dish with poultry.

C8. Shrimp Lo Mein Combination Platter


Egg noodle dish with shellfish.

C9. Shrimp Egg Foo Young Combination Platter


Omelette with shellfish.

C10. Chicken Egg Foo Young Combination Platter


Omelette with poultry.

C11. Vegetable Delight Combination Platter


Vegetable stir fry.

C12. Honey Chicken Combination Platter


Covered in a smooth shiny honey sauce.

C13. Sesame Chicken Combination Platter


Chicken in a sweet sauce served with sesame seeds.

C14. Hibachi Chicken Combination Platter


Poultry cooked on a hibachi grill.

C15. General Tso's Chicken Combination Platter


Deep-fried with sweet and spicy sauce. Hot and spicy.

C16. Orange Chicken Combination Platter


Chicken battered and cooked in a sweet orange sauce. Hot and spicy.

C17. Black Pepper Chicken Combination Platter


Black pepper poultry. Hot and spicy.

C18. Chicken with Garlic Sauce Combination Platter


Poultry cooked in a pungent savory sauce. Hot and spicy.

C19. Hunan Beef Combination Platter


Dry, spicy flavor that comes from doubanjiang or chili paste. Hot and spicy.

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Sunday - Thursday9:30 - 3:30
Friday - Saturday9:30 - 3:30

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Sunday-Thursday3:30 - 9:30
Friday - Saturday3:30 - 10:30


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