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Fuji Yama Japanese Jackson

Informal eatery featuring chefs cooking tabletop hibachi meals & a selection of sushi.

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10 Stonebridge Blvd E

Phone Number

(731) 664 -8889

Delivery Hours

11:00AM - 1:15PM
4:00PM - 8:40PM
11:00AM - 1:15PM
4:00PM - 8:40PM
11:00AM - 1:15PM
4:00PM - 8:40PM
11:00AM - 1:15PM
4:00PM - 8:40PM
11:00AM - 1:15PM
4:00PM - 8:40PM
11:00AM - 9:00PM
12:00PM - 7:45PM
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Salads / Soups

Soup Noodles

Stir Fried Noodles

Include Soup

Fried Rice

Includes soup or salad

Dinner Menu

Dinne entrees includes soup, house salad, steamed rice.

Dinner Hibachi

Hibachi entrees & Hibachi combinations include soup, salad, fried rice & vegetable medley. Children's hibachi includes soup, fried rice & vegetables medley.

Dinner hibachi entrees

Hibachi combinations

Children's menu

10 years & under only (soup only)

Sushi 2 Piece / Sashimi 3 Pieces


Include soup & salad

Bento Box (Dinner Menu)

Includes white rice, house salad, soup, 1 sushi roll, 1 shrimp & assorted vegetable tempura, 1 harumaki

Regular Rolls

Tempura Rolls

T1. Calamari Tempura Roll


Fried squid, avocado (Top) Fish eggs

T2. Chicken Tempura Roll


Chicken (Top) Chives & Crunch

T3. Crunchy Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura (Top) crunch &eel sauce

T4. Dragon Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura, crab meat (Top), Eel, avocado, sesame seed & eel sauce

T5. Ebi Ebi Tempura Roll


Fried shrimp, avocado, cucumber (Top) Boiled shrimp

T6. Fuji Yama Tempura Roll


Fried shrimp, crab meat, avocado, cucumber & crab stick (Top( Eel sauce, fish eggs.

T7. Heart Attack Tempura Roll


Spicy tuna, crab meat, jalapeno (Top), Eel sauce

T8. Jackson Tempura Roll


Crawfish (Top) fried red snapper, eel sauce, spicy mayo, fish eggs & chives

T9. Luis Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura, cream cheese (Top) crab meat, sweet potato tempura, eel sauce & yum yum sauce, furikake

T10. Mango Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura (Top) spicy crab meat, mango, avocado, eel sauce & yum yum sauce

T11. New Ninja Tempura Roll


Soft shell crab, cucumber, jalapeno (Top) avocado, eel sauce & sriracha

T12. Playboy Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura (Top) Tuna, crunch, fish eggs, chives, spicy mando & eel sauce

T13. Playgirl Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura (Top) salmon, crunch, fish eggs, chives, spicy mayo & eel sauce

T14. Santa Fe Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura, crab meat, cream cheese (Top) avocado & eel sauce

T15. Shrimp tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura, crab meat & avocado, roll them with rice-nori seaweed paper

T16. Special Tuna Tempura Roll


Spicy tuna, crab stick, avocado, cucumber (top) tuna, crab meat, fish eggs, chives & eel sauce

T17. Spicy Crunch Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber (Top) spicy tuna, crunch, spicy mayo & eel sauce

T18. Spider Tempura Roll


Soft shell crab, crab meat, avocado (Top) eel sauce

T19. Stonebridge Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura, avocado (Top) shrimp tempura & eel sauce

T20. Sunset Tempura Roll


Salmon tempura, crab meat (Top) salmon tempura & eel sauce

T21.Tennessee Tempura Roll


Shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado (Top) crab stick, spicy mayo & eel sauce

T22. Tiger Eye Tempura Roll


Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado wrappedd in soy paper (Top) eel sauce.

T23. Tony Tempura Roll


Red snapper tempura, crawfish (Top) crab meat, avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo & crunch

T24. Yum Yum Tempura Roll


Spicy crab meat (Top) crunch, spicy mayo eel sauce

Deep Fried Sushi Rolls

Fresh Rolls & Chef Special Rolls

FC1. 911 Fresh Roll


Spicy crab meat (Top) Spicy tuna, jalapeno, spicy mayo & sriracha

FC2. Beach Fresh Roll


Crab meat, avocado cream cheese, shrimp wrapped in rice paper (Top) spicy mayo & sriracha

FC3. Cassidy Fresh Roll


Shrimp tempure, crawfish, cream cheese (Top) spicy crab meat, crunch, eel sauce & spicy mayo

FC4. Caterpillar Fresh Roll


Eel (top) Avocado & eel sauce

FC5. Crunchy Crawfish Fresh Roll


FC6. Fire Fresh Roll


Tuna, salmon & red snapper mixed spicy (Top) Salmon

FC7. Grace Fresh Roll


Tuna, salmon, red snapper, ebi shrimp, crab meat, avocado,fish eggs wrapped in cucumber

FC8. Hawaii Fresh Roll


Spcy Tuna (Top) Tuna & Spicy mayo

FC9. JJ Fresh Roll


Spicy crab meat (Top) crab meat, fish eggs, avocado & jalapeno

FC10. Madison Fresh Roll


Crab Meat, crawfish (Top) spicy tuna, spicy mayo, eel sauce, furikake, fish eggs & chives

FC11. Mexican Fresh Roll


Spicy Crab meat (Top) shrimp & spicy mayo

FC12. New Orleand Fresh Roll


Tuna, salmon (Top) Tuna, salmon, eel, crunch, chives, fish eggs & eel sauce

FC13. Orange Fresh Roll


Spicy salmon (Top) salmon & spicy mayo

FC14. Pretty Woman Fresh Roll


Tuna, Crab meat, fish eggs wrapped in soy papper

FC15. Rainbow Fresh Roll


Crab stick, avocado, cucumber (Top) salmon, tuna, shrimp, red snapper, white tuna & avocado

FC16. Samurai Fresh Roll


Tuna crab meat, cucumber wrapped in soy paper (Top) salmon, furikake & eel sauce

FC17. Shreveport Orgasm Fresh Roll


Shrimp tempura, crab meat, (Top) spicy tuna, eel sauce & spicy mayo

FC18. Spicy Crawfish Fresh Roll


FC19. Spicy Scallop Fresh Roll


FC20. Spicy Tuna Tataki Fresh Roll


Spicy Tuna (Top) seared tuna, chives, sesame seed & ponzu sauce

FC21. Super Dragon Fresh Roll


Eel, crab meat (top) Eel, avocado, salmon roe & eel sauce

FC22. Tuna / Salmon Lover Fresh Roll


Tuna or salmon, crab stick, avocado, cucumber (Top) tuna or salmon

FC23. Yummy Crunch Fresh Roll


Spicy tuna (Top) white tuna, crunch, fisg eggs, eel sauce & spicy mayo

Baked Rolls

Lunch Bento Box

All bento boxed include soup, salad, fried rice, tempura and daily roll

Lunch kitchen bento box

Lunch sushi bento box

Includes soup & salad

Lunch Hibachi

All Hibachi orders includes soup or salad, fried rice and vegetable medley.

Lunch hibachi entrees

Lunch hibachi combinations


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Lunch Hours

Sunday - Thursday9:30 - 3:30
Friday - Saturday9:30 - 3:30

Dinner Hours

Sunday-Thursday3:30 - 9:30
Friday - Saturday3:30 - 10:30


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