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Lunch Special

Served w. Fried Rice & Soup or Egg Roll



(w. Crispy Noodles)

Fried Rice

Lo Mein

Soft Noodles

Mei Fun

Rice Noodles

Egg Foo Young

Chinese Omelets Served White Rice & Gravy

Chow Mein or Chop Suey

w. White Rice & Crispy Noodle


w. White Rice


w. White Rice


w. White Rice


w. White Rice


w. White Rice

All Day Special Combination Platter

Served with Fried Rice & Egg Roll

Diet Menu

Prepared in traditional Bamboo Steamers to retain their Pead or Natural Flavors & Nutrition. Served with white rice & sauce


Served with white rice

S1. Happy Family - Specialties


Pork, shrimp, beef, chicken & scallops sauteed with mixed vegetable in special brown sauce

S2. Club Seafood - Specialties


Crab meat, shrimp, scallops w. assorted Chinese vegetable in a tasty seafood sauce.

S3. General Tso's Chicken - Specialties


Chunks chicken lightly fried with hot bean sauce. This plate was devised by a private chef's of general tso who was famous surround with broccoli

S4. Sesame Chicken - Specialties


Chunk of chicken deep fried to crisp w. special sauce and sesame seeds surround with broccoli

S5. Four Season - Specialties


Chicken, shrimp, beef pork, sauteed w. broccoli & Chinese vegetable in unique brown sauce

S6. Twin Seafood in Garlic Sauce - Specialties


Shrimp & scallop sauteed with vegetable in five flavor sauce

S7. Mongolian Beef - Specialties


Slice beef sauteed with onion, scallion, carrot in Mongolian spice sauce

S8. Shrimp & Chicken Hunan Style - Specialties


Shrimp & Chicken sauteed with mixed vegetable in hot Hunan sauce.

S9. Crispy Orange Flavor Beef - Specialties


Tender fillets of marinated beef, delicate sauteed & seasoned with orange peels

S10. Beef and Scallops - Specialties


Fresh scallops and beef with many kinds of Chinese vegetable in chef's special sauce

S11. Triple Delight Szechua - Specialtiesn Style


Shrimp, chicken, beef with broccoli, Chinese cabbage, pepper, mushroom, baby corn in house Szechuan sauce

S12. Shrimp with Salt & Pepper - Specialties


Crispy shrimp sauteed with salt & pepper on the top of crispy rice noodles.

S13. Frog Leg w. Salt & Pepper - Specialties


Crispy frog leg w. salt & pepper

S14. Garlic Shrimp - Specialties


S15. Baked Seafood - Specialties


S16. Sauteed Crawfish w. Jalapeno - Specialties


S17. Baked Seafood w. Cheese - Specialties


Side Order

Seafood Special

Boiled seafood

Comes with corn & potato

Make your own seafood combo

Choose two or more items. Comes with corn & potato.

Seafood Favorites

Sides ( Seafood Special)

Sushi & Sashimi

3 pcs. sushi or 3 pcs. sashimi

Traditional Maki & Hand Rolls

*Indicates there is No raw fish in this item.

Special Creations Rolls

*Indicates there is No raw fish in this item.

Jackson Roll - Special Creations Rolls


(Deep Fried). Tuna, salmon, yellow tail, crab, shrimp, cucumber, avocado, masago, spicy mayo, yummy, and eel sauce

*Milan Roll - Special Creations Rolls


(Deep Fried). Crab Meat, cucumber, avocado, shrimp, and bake tobiko on top

Crazy Roll - Special Creations Rolls


(Deep Fried). Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellow tail, wrapped with white seaweed paper, spicy sauce, eel sauce, and yummy sauce on top.

*New Mexico Roll - Special Creations Rolls


(Deep Fried). Snow crab, crawfish, and avocado with crunchy, masago, eel sauce, spicy mayo

M16 - Special Creations Rolls


(Deep Fried). Tempura whole roll stuffed with spicy salmon, spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, cream cheese, spicy mayo and eel sauce

*Fried Lobster Roll - Special Creations Rolls


(Deep Fried). Lobster salad and diced tomatoes inside. Entire roll is tempure-fried then served with spicy mayo and eel sauce

Sexy Girl Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Crispy light fried lobster meat inside and spicy tuna on the top with chili sauce.

Rock N' Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Yellowtail, salmon and avocado inside, topped with seared yellowtail, white tuna, salmon, spicy mayo, eel sauce, wasabi mayo and tempura crunch

Godzilla Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Snow crab, avocado and cucumbers inside with seared albacore tuna topped with a creamy sesame sauce

*Dragon Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Inside with crabmeat, avocado and cucumbers, topped with eel, avocado and eel sauce

*Miami Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Shrimp tempura roll topped with baked spicy scallops and crab

*Spider Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Soft shell crab, masago, lettuce and cucumbers with eel sauce

*Coconut Shrimp Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Coconut shrimp inside topped with lobster salad, avocado, masago and cilantro coconut sauce

*Spicy Santa Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside topped with crunchy crabmeat, scallions and masago, served with chef's special sauce

Rainbow Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Inside with avocado, crabmeat and cucumbers, topped with tuna, salmon, shrimp and yellowtail.

House Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab, shrimp, cucumber, avocado and masago

Volcano Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Spicy tuna, tempura crisps and avocado inside topped with tuna, salmon, whitefish and sriracha sauce

Beauty & The Beast - Special Creations Rolls


Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, soybean and sweet soy

Outstanding Roll - Special Creations Rolls


Spicy tuna, and tempura crisps inside, eel and avocado outside finished with spicy mayo and eel sauce

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Lunch Hours

Sunday - Thursday9:30 - 3:30
Friday - Saturday9:30 - 3:30

Dinner Hours

Sunday-Thursday3:30 - 9:30
Friday - Saturday3:30 - 10:30


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