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Roaming Beet Box

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Bowls, Burritos & Wraps

Sweet Tex Mex


Our fan-favorite and Number One seller! Sweet potatoes, black beans, tomatoes, red onions, guacamole, and our Kip's Awesome sauce! Bowl or burrito! For the Original Tex Mex Bowl just add corn and your choice of rice or quinoa.

Portabella Carnita Madness


Baby Bella mushrooms, seasoned like traditional Carnitas, rice, black beans, tomatoes, red onions, guacamole, and our Kip's Awesome sauce. Get it in a bowl with mixed greens or opt for the regular size or the Mega-size burrito if you are extra hungry.

Chicken Bacon Ranch


Bowl or wrap this one is a top seller! Our signature "chicken" soy curls, our amazing cashew bacon, and our delicious housemade ranch dressing! You just can't go wrong with this one! Served with mixed greens, carrots, purple cabbage, tomatoes, and red onions.

Fajita Fiesta


Fajita onions & peppers, rice, black beans, guacamole, salsa, and our Kip's house sauce. Choice of our signature "chicken" soy curls, buffalo "chicken" soy curls, Macho soy curls, or our portabella carnitas mushrooms can be selected for a little extra wow factor!

Macho Extreme


Seasoned soy curls, black beans, guacamole, tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos, and of course it wouldn't be complete without our famous Kip's Awesome sauce. Bowl or burrito grilled to perfection you can't go wrong!

Beet Box Ultimate


Bowl or Burrito Black beans, rice, guacamole, red onions, jalapeno, salsa, corn, our chipotle soy curl crumble, and of course our Kip's Awesome Sauce! For a lighter style choose the bowl which includes mixed greens, for that heartier feel go for the burrito which grilled to perfection!

Black Bean & Rice


Beans and rice what a perfect combination! Whether you are eating it as a bowl or burrito it is simply delicious. Black beans, rice, corn, tomatoes, red onions, guacamole, and everyone's favorite our Kip's Awesome Sauce!

Mediterranean Hummus


House-made hummus, cucumbers, black olives, tomatoes, red onions, mixed greens, and a side of pita chips with our house-made Greek dressing. Bowl or wrap.

Buffalo Hot Chick


Our signature "chicken" soy curls are all spiced up with our special buffalo sauce. As a bowl or a wrap, it is sure to spice up your life! Served with mixed greens, carrots, purple cabbage, pickles, and our housemade ranch dressing.

Beet Box Caesar


Our Signature "Chicken" Soy Curls and Housemade Greek Vinaigrette bring this simple, yet flavorful option to life. With mixed greens, carrots, purple cabbage, red onions, tomatoes, a side of dressing, and our delicious "chicken" this is a meal you will want day after day.

Happy Hummus


Bowl or wrap this is a veggie lover's dream! Choose between our traditional housemade hummus or our new housemade beet hummus! Served with mixed greens, carrots, purple cabbage, red onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Bowl served with our Pineapple vinaigrette.

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